You Will Experience Hard Times But You Will Move Past Them

The Geek Letter #5 - We're doing it even if life makes it hard.

You Will Experience Hard Times But You Will Move Past Them

Hey geeks!

I'm writing to you from my home today. Less stellar than my regular sit-down at the yogurt-shake place, but here we are.

You may notice that last week I didn't publish a newsletter and this week I'm publishing it late.

Well, I was sick last weekend (flu, but not the worldwide one ;)). And this week was also challenging in terms of work-life balance.

But we made it, and I'm sending another one.

I've also been taking it slower than usual because I have some stuff on my plate right now, like taxes. Did you know I have to keep a physical copy of any document that goes into my yearly report for seven years? That's crazy.

Anyway, let's get into the fun updates:

Interviews updates

Let's talk about the interviews planned and those in post-production


  1. Interview with James Burns - Editor-in-chief of SUPERJUMP. I still need to get to this one.
  2. Interview with Flutes Loot - A couple creating content about D&D on YouTube and their blog. They also have an online store.
  3. Interview with Improvement Pill - A productivity and self-improvement content creator. Richard, a.k.a improvement pill, is an amazing creator with almost three million subs on YouTube.


  1. Interview with Aabria Iyengar about A Court of Fey and Flowers - the newest season of Dimension 20. This interview is not scheduled yet but is tentatively planned for Sunday. Once it's on the calendar, I'll be more confident it's happening.
  2. Interview with D20 Tales DM - Russel E. Welch III. This is a new D20 universe for me, but it has a lot of organic views, and its community sounds amazing! Planned to Mid Aug, which means it happens in the week after next.

Content This Week

Let's go over what I published this week!

Interview with Zulie Rane

I published my interview with Zulie on YouTube. You can find it here:

Oren's YouTube Channel

Geek Peek Episodes

I published these episodes on my Podcast this week:

Once I catch up to 10 episodes on the podcast, I'll start publishing them weekly.

Also, I'm now accepting PATREON SHOUTOUTS! Support my Patreon and hear your name at the end of the next episode:

The $5 tier is the only tier for now, and it opens up stuff on Discord and on this blog, too so expect MORE than you bargain for ;)

That's it for this week!

Thanks so much for being here!

After two years of making YouTube videos, I'm also working on a Skillshare class about video editing! What else would you like me to create classes on? Reply to this email and let me know!

Have a great weekend!

Much love,