Hello traveler, and May Cornelius Keep Your Soul.

You have stumbled upon Draco Imperium or The Dragon Empire - a place of mystery, intrigue, and magic.

My name is Oren Cohen - but in this space, you may call me the Storyweaver. My aim is to write short stories set in this fantasy world that has been maturing in my mind for over a decade.

For a long time, I've been worried and stumped by financial troubles, and even though I do not consider myself freed from those troubles, I think it's time to share with the world those stories anyway.

For now, this place is pretty empty. But if you subscribe to my mailing list, you'll never miss any of those stories.

And if you want to contact me, you're always welcome to reply to any of my emails or contact me directly at: oren@dragoncrowns.com

Thank you for visiting, enjoy a roasted biscuit (it's a plain round biscuit with caramel drawings on top. In ScaleHeart, the capital of the empire, it's considered a delicacy of the common folk who want to impress nobles).

Talk soon,

Welcome to The Dragon Imperium