Welcome to My Little Slice of The Internet

My name is Oren Cohen and you reached my little slice of the digital realm.

Welcome to My Little Slice of The Internet
Photo by andrew welch / Unsplash

Hello there!

I've been writing online for a dozen years, and for once, I want a space just for me. I've learned through YouTube that people arrive for a search query and stay for the creator or the community. This is what I want to foster on this website, too.

What Type of Content to Expect here?

I call this the Medium writing experience. When writing on Medium, I saw that people succeeded even without a niche. Although I will write about many topics, I think it's safe to say that most topics will revolve around being a nerd and creator.

This website will be my little hub where I publish my newsletter, blog posts, and basically anything else I want to share with my community.

Posts can be short and don't necessarily fall under a rigid word count requirement.

What About Comments?

A little bird whispered in my ear that the Ghost team is closer than ever to releasing a native comments solution, and therefore, I'd prefer to wait for that one as I don't expect this website to take off immediately.

Will You Offer Members-Only Content?

Yes, at some point. Not now, though. Members-Only content is my way of rewarding people who decide to support me financially, and I'm not going to open up that option until I have around 1000 email subscribers.

How to Consume This Website?

Currently, I send each post I publish via email. That means you'll get up to two or three emails from me each week. Once I get to 1000 subscribers and have to upgrade my plan, I'll also add a weekly digest option that you can opt for instead of getting every post via email.

That's it For The Intro Post!

Hit the subscribe button, and let's stay in touch! You can reply to each email you get from me to send me an email!

Thanks for being here :)