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Stop Disrespecting Your Email Subject Line

Every time you fill it out to keep it from being empty is a missed opportunity.

Oren Cohen
Oren Cohen
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Stop Disrespecting Your Email Subject Line
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We send so many emails every day.

In fact, people sent 293 billion emails in 2019, and the figure continues to grow. Now, you know what they say about the 80/20 rule. We open only around 20% of these emails!

Where on the statistic do you want your emails to land?

There are many ways to make an email shine, but today I want to focus only on one: The Subject Line.

An email’s subject line is like a story’s title. It should be incredibly enticing, evokes curiosity, and irresistible to the reader. But we don’t invest time to think of a worthy title! We’re lazy. Instead, we’ll write something like “hey.”

Some people will even go as far as titling their emails with, “what’s up?” The worst are those that keep it empty. Just empty.

Well, guess what? You’re missing out!

When you stop disrespecting your email’s subject line, you immediately increase your emails’ open rate.

Consider these examples of email titles you can send friends, families, and coworkers:

  • “I found this picture of you on Google.”
  • “Did you order these phones to the office?”
  • “I found this in your room.”
  • “I need to talk to you about our next meeting.”

The possibilities are endless. Isn’t that exciting?

Can you guess what the common element with all of these email subject lines is?

Answer: they are clear, simple, and let the reader know that something crucial is waiting inside this email. Some of them are even irresistible enough that the reader will have to open the email. Like when someone tells you that they found a picture of you on google.

From now on, take a moment to think about your email’s subject line. The more attractive your email subject line becomes, the higher people will engage with you.

That is especially important if you’re creating an email list and want strangers to open your emails. If you can’t get your family and coworkers’ attention, how do you expect to get the attention of strangers?

Stop disrespecting your email’s subject line and start gaining their readers’ attention.

It will be worth it.

Let me know in the comments what you want me to share about email in the next post!


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