I Got Infected With Covid-19 in 2022

How does it feel to experience the pandemic in 2022 after three shots of the vaccine?

I Got Infected With Covid-19 in 2022
Photo by Fusion Medical Animation / Unsplash

Ever since the pandemic hit, I’ve been diligent in keeping myself and my family safe. My parents are in their 60s and 70s, and both have additional health concerns like asthma and high blood pressure that - alongside covid - could develop into severe complications.

But two weeks ago, it finally happened. All those masks, hand sanitizer, and hand washing couldn’t prevent what would mark the beginning of the worst two weeks of my life. I got covid, and it was only a matter of time until my parents got it too.

How did we get it here?

So, in hindsight, the infection occurred at the office. Because on the same day I felt terrible, another person reported he had covid - but my positive result appeared only a day after. And it could be someone who didn’t have symptoms that infected both of us.

I’m not sure how it circulated at the office. I know we sat for lunch in the office instead of at the restaurant in the nearby food court. And that was probably the best time to get infected because we sat in the open air at the restaurant. The office is a closed space.

The disaster of tracing back where you’ve been

So, imagine sitting at home with a pounding headache and a positive test result and realizing you now must trace the last week and tell everyone you have covid - in 2022.

Fortunately for me, I haven’t been in many places besides work and home in the week before getting the positive test, and everybody already knew at work.

It was still an awful experience to know you’re marked. That you now have to stay in your room and also, somehow, hope not to infect your parents, which is a losing battle because you live with them.

How Covid Affected Me

I lost my sense of smell and taste. And thankfully, I had symptoms of the flu but never too extreme. I had a pounding headache and extreme fatigue alongside a fever in the first couple of days, and the headaches persisted for another 3-4 days.

But then things started to improve. I managed to sleep at night, and I was recovering. But to this day, my sense of smell has not fully recovered after having been negative for at least 5-6 days as of writing these words. My taste buds work, but it feels like not 100% yet.

The same goes for my parents who were affected and had covid by a delay of 2-3 days from me.

What I learned From The Experience

Both my parents and I were triple vaccinated in 2021. We got COVID in August 2022. That means the vaccine either wore out or helped prevent us from having a more severe reaction to the virus. I don’t think I can relax now that I’m past the virus. I have returned to wearing masks in crowded places like buses, even if my ride takes only a few minutes. Yes, we now have a natural resistance to the virus, but we have all heard about people getting infected again and again. Better safe than sorry.


We’re not out of the woods yet. Covid is here to stay. Wash your hands, wear masks when in a crowded place or whenever you feel you could potentially get infected, and stay updated about how the virus spreads in your country. It’s so easy to think that because countries no longer have lockdowns, the virus is no longer as deadly as it was - but people still die every day. How has your experience with COVID been? I’d love to read your story in the comments below!