Brandon Sanderson Dropped The Ultimate Bomb on YouTube

Let's talk about that video that Sanderson dropped on his youtube channel and what it all means for us.

Brandon Sanderson Dropped The Ultimate Bomb on YouTube
Brandon Sanderson's YouTube Channel

So, Brandon Sanderson just released a new video on YouTube and dropped the ultimate bomb.

Here it is:

Brandon Sanderson's YouTube

So, what do you think about it?

So, now that we are past the danger zone of ruining the surprise, I gotta admit to you something:


My Initial Reaction

So, according to the video, three of those books are in the Cosmere. AND Brandon also hinted he's working on the next Stormlight Archive book right now, which I'm extremely happy to know!

But, aside from the fun of celebrating the news with the fandom, I must also share a brewing feeling within me about this:

If Brandon Sanderson managed to write so many books in two years, what does it mean about us folks who couldn't even finish just the one?

Brandon Sanderson's Productivity Should be an Inspiration

I shouldn't compare - I know! The comparison is not fair because this guy had so much practice, right? He's publishing books for years now and he knows how his productivity works given a certain amount of time.

Perhaps what I'm looking for is how to build my systems of writing. Looking at it from a place of a productivity goal is pointless. I'm pretty sure the big writers don't have a word count goal - they have systems that allow them to write whenever they want to.

Update: March 30th

At the end of the Kickstarter campaign, Brandon released this video on his YouTube channel:

Brandon Sanderson's YouTube


Brandon Sanderson dropped a bomb on YouTube announcing FIVE new books he's been writing in secret in addition to the books we've seen get published.

The guy just further cemented his moniker of being a "Writing Machine"

Aside from the hype, we need to take inspiration and learn how to set up our own writing systems for success.

What do you think of the announcement? If you're a writer, how will you improve your own systems?