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Dimension 20 Codex: Your New Information Center

The Dimension 20 Codex is an under construction resource that includes all information new fans want to know about the show.

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The Next Lifeline Game Has a Working Title!

Today I opened my inbox to reveal an update from the Lifeline game team! I believe I haven’t received one of those for over six years!

Anything You Wanted To Know About D20 From Orion Black

In this interview we talk about dimension 20’s production in general, Misfits and Magic, and even some questions about The Seven which premiers Aug 18th.

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Top Tips for Building Your Very Own Instagram Blog

These tips will help you start and manage an instagram blog from scratch.

A New Lifeline Mobile Game Is On The Horizon

Dave Justus and the team behind the amazing Lifeline games are making a comeback, and they answered many of your questions in this interview. Check it out!

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Six Things New Content Creators Waste Money On

You’re capable of doing more than you think with what you have. Read on to discover the most common things content creators waste money on.

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Set Your Blog Posts to Publish Before You Write Them

If you’re struggling with accountability and consistency, this 15-minute prep work will put you on the right track to productivity.

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How to Design an Article People Will Read?

I want you to take a step back and realize the structure that stands behind a good article — the design that gives value to your reader.

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How to Measure Your Growth as a Writer

One of the most common writing advice you’ll find on the web is ‘keep writing.’ But when do you grow? How to realize your skill has a writer improved?

5 Harsh Truths About Being an Online Writer

I learned and experienced these harsh truths from over a decade of writing on the internet. You’re not going to like some of these.