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Dimension 20 Codex: Your New Information Center

The Dimension 20 Codex is an under construction resource that includes all information new fans want to know about the show.

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Dune Review: An Old Story Reshaped For The New 2021 Audience

Villeneuve’s rendition of Dune did it justice. The new 2021 dune movie is an excellent rebirth to the old story published in the 50’s.

5 Things I Learned From Running a 30-Day Writing Challenge

Let’s talk about the magic that happens when you bring people together under a common goal with clear instructions about how to get it.

Why You Should Watch The New Season of She-Ra

A spoiler-free review of season 5 of She-Ra and The Princesses of Power. Hint: You should definitely watch it! Let’s discuss why below.

Pathfinder: Wrath of The Righteous Review

I logged more than 60 hours playing this new installment of the pathfinder series. Let’s dive into my wrath of the righteous review.

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The Next Lifeline Game Has a Working Title!

Today I opened my inbox to reveal an update from the Lifeline game team! I believe I haven’t received one of those for over six years!

Dimension 20: The Seven – Episode 1 Review

Let’s review the first episode of the new season of Dimension 20: The Seven! The first episode is all about introductions, so let’s dig in.

Anything You Wanted To Know About D20 From Orion Black

In this interview we talk about dimension 20’s production in general, Misfits and Magic, and even some questions about The Seven which premiers Aug 18th.

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Top Tips for Building Your Very Own Instagram Blog

These tips will help you start and manage an instagram blog from scratch.

A New Lifeline Mobile Game Is On The Horizon

Dave Justus and the team behind the amazing Lifeline games are making a comeback, and they answered many of your questions in this interview. Check it out!